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Vecna Custom Content

Vecna's Legacy

NOTE: This system is not complete. You can test the dungeon and fight many of the monsters, but the quest, loot, runes and boss are not finished

Vecna was a powerful wizard who was defeated and destroyed. The citizens were so terrified by his evil powers, they dismembered his body and the parts were buried in the deepest, darkest dungeons throughout the lands. The people were right to be scared, Vecna's cult reassembled his body and became an Ancient Lich, and eventually achieved immortality! Notably, Vecna is missing both his left eye and left hand.

Vecna's "right hand man" is Kas the Bloody-Handed, a powerful death knight

Vecna's Tomb

Vecna's Tomb is a custom dungeon located inside the old Rock Dungeon

Vecna's Minions

  • Acolyte
  • Archmage
  • Scribe
  • Priest
  • Necromancer
  • Minion

Vecna Artifacts

  • Skull of Vecna (See the Vecna Quest)
  • Imprisoned Soul of Vecna
  • Battle-worn Arms of Vecna
  • Battle-worn Chest of Vecna
  • Battle-worn Legs of Vecna
  • Battle-worn Gloves of Vecna
  • Battle-worn Shroud of Vecna

Vecna Bonus Set System

Sets can contain 3 to 10 items, including armor, cloth, jewelry or talismans

Vecna Scroll

Double-click the scroll to open up the skill/item gump

Vecna Glyphs

3 skills, 3 properties max and up to 3 features

  • Eye of Vecna Glyph
  • Hand of Vecna Glyph
  • Blood
  • Bone
  • Kas
  • Vecna
  • Shadow

Prime, Secondary, Tertiary

Fragment of Vecna's Essence

Turn Fragments into essences, by going to an ankh and double-clicking

20 Fragments = 1 Full essence is the base calculation, but depending on necro skill, negative karma, luck, and day/night and a few other can be higher or lower

Essences are used to level up the Bonus Set Items

Kill the Vecna Scribes

The scribe's loot may contain a Vecna Rune, which starts an "arrow" to follow toward the hidden Vecna Chest. Once you find the general location of the chest, you will need to use the tracking skill and then the detect hidden skill to uncover the invisible chest

How the Vecna Rune works

You find the Vecna Rune as loot on the scribes, the runes do have a timer on it of a few hours. It's your choice if to do it or not. Each rune has a level, the higher the level the harder to detect and the more legs of the journey.

Once you double click the rune the first time, the timer will change to around 90 minutes (Yes random)

Follow the "Arrow" until you get within 20 tiles of the next rune. When you are in range, start looking for the hidden rune. Your tracking skill will determine your detect range.

Once revealed, double click your rune and target the new one...then move onward, until a chest is found.

The chests have rare loot, like a chance at a Mystery Chest, Glyphs, remnants, Chips and Fragments...

The Chest cannot be picked until you double click the rune and remove the magical shield that protects it from being picked.

The chest can now be removed by the person who picks the lock.

Hidden Vecna Chests

Use your Tracking and Detect Hidden skills to locate the chests

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