The Rebuilding of Magincia

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The Rebuilding of Magincia Part 1

Quest giver: Eddin Saller, The Master Builder
Starting Point: Magincia
Quest Reward: Tool Key

Eddin Saller, Master Builder I have an extra toolbox he thinks you would find useful; He offers to trade you for some building materials. He asks you to collect building materials to help with the Magincia rebuilding. Trytas Kell, the Grandmaster Tinker in Minoc mining camp can give you specially made nails. Agveith Ogoluthea in Royal City the gargoyle Blacksmith makes the best smith hammers in all the lands. Next see Ogoluthea, the Gypsy near Compassion, Ilshenar to retrieve bricks for foundations.

Return with:

  • A Container of Grandmaster Tinkered Nails
  • A box of Ogoluthea's Hammers
  • A Stack Stone Bricks

The Rebuilding of Magincia Part 2

Quest giver: Trytas Kell, the Grandmaster Tinker
Starting Point: Minoc Mining Camp
Quest Reward: A Container of Grandmaster Tinkered Nails

Trytas tells you he has run out of ore to make the special metal for his nails. It is gathered from stone ants that burrow the tunnels in Wind. Something in their stomach acid makes the ore nearly indestructible when crafting with it. He tells you if you wanted to take on the task, he is willing to make the nails for you.

Return with 4 types of Ore from the stone ants:

  • Crystal Shadow Ore
  • Crystal Verite Ore
  • Crystal Agapite Ore
  • Crystal Golden Ore

The Rebuilding of Magincia Part 3a

Quest giver: Gargoyle Smith, Agveith Ogoluthea
Starting Point: Royal City
Quest Reward: A box of Ogoluthea's Hammers

Agveith tells you he infuse’s the hammers with secret ingredients which enhance the users skill! He asks if you would not do a favor for him, in exchange for the hammers. His brother Elkoj Zaut'tar went into the Abyss some time ago to gather goblin hides, but never returned –he asks that you find him and see what became of Agveith’s hides.

Return with:

  • A stack of Cured Goblin Leather

The Rebuilding of Magincia Part 3b

Quest giver: Elkoj Zaut'tar, Gargoyle Smith's Brother
Starting Point: Stygian Abyss
Quest Reward: A stack of Cured Goblin Leather

Elkoj expects his brother is more concerned for his hides than his welfare. He tells you he likes it down here away from his brother’s nagging. He asks you to, collect 10 raw hide from the goblins in this dungeon for him in exchange for a stack cured hide he’s gathered already! Collect from goblins: 10 raw hides

The Rebuilding of Magincia Part 4a

Quest giver: Tavis Grobutru, Gypsey Stonemason
Starting Point: Ilshenar, SW of Compassion
Quest Reward: A Stack Stone Bricks

Tavis asks if you would be willing to help him gather some more stone, while he waits for this batch of bricks to be done. He gets his stone from his cousin, Irq Onuri whose family is camped east of here. She mines the mountians nearby. They have been busy of late over run with rats in the area though and have not been able to bring him any. Perhaps you can go help them and then return here to collect the bricks.

Return with:

  • Raw Stone

The Rebuilding of Magincia Part 4b

Quest giver: Irq Onuri, Stonemasons Cousin
Starting Point: Ilshenar, SE of Compassion
Quest Reward: Raw Stone

Irq is relived that Tavis has sent help. She asks you to kill some of these rats who have been pestering their camp while she gathers up the stone Tavis needs!

Bring her from Rats:

  • 10 Rat tails
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