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Task Event System

What is the Task System?

The custom Task System is a unique event system. It creates a random mini quest/task for players to do, that gives instant rewards and progressive rewards by completing each task. You use the command [event, open up a gump and follow the directions. Read the instructions and complete the task/quest. Once you complete the task you get awarded 1 point. As you collect points you will reach milestones and receive higher rewards.

To start the task system and open the gump, type the [event command

What kind of tasks are there?

At the moment there are 103 tasks, but we will be adding more each month. So far there are tasks for gathering resources, taming, breeding and hunting. Crafting will be added soon as well, it is already coded in it I just have not had time to make them is all.

What are Milestone Rewards?

On the interface you will see a list of items, in the example you can see the rewards for completing 10 tasks.

The letters tell you the chance of being rewarded the item,

G = 100% (Guaranteed)
C = 75% - 50%(Common)
U = 50% - 25%(Uncommon)
R = Less then 25%(Rare)

There will always be something 100% and always be some rare things that can randomly drop. (Using Milestone bonus deeds will improve these numbers)

How often do you get tasks?

If you complete the task, a new one will be given automatically in 15-30 minutes.

If you choose to change the task without completing it, then the new one will appear in 30-60 minutes. (There are deeds to skip the delays.)

How many milestones are there?

In the test version it goes up to 150 but for the full month I want at least 650 perhaps more.

What is the Daily Task Reward?

Each day a number of 8-16 is assigned to each player, if you complete that many tasks in the day you will earn a special reward for the day. On holidays and such the rewards can be very unique.

What do you get for completing a task?

You get 1 point for completing a task. You will also get some gold and in some cases there is a chance for a special reward.

How long does it run for?

For the test this will only last for a week but on Feb 1st when it starts it will last for the full month and then on March 1st a new list of rewards, some new tasks and such will be available starting over.

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