Monster Invasion System

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Monster Invasion System

The towns of Felucca are under constant attacks by hoards of monsters and their Champions. When the [Town Invasion] alert goes off, players will be called to arms to defend that city. These invasions occur 2 times a day. The town invaded and what type of monster spawn appears is random but be any of these Champion Spawns.

If you are successful in defeating the enemies you will be rewarded with Gold and possibly Power Scrolls.

  • This is a Staff Event in Felucca and there is NO PVP, PK, Looting or Stealing at the invasions event.
  • You must start the event from the beginning when the announcement begins with "the town is being invaded, save the city". The message of the Champion's appearance has been removed to prevent latecomers from ruining the accomplishment of clearing out the monster horde.
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