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Market System

What is the Market Place?

The Virtual Market Place is a system that will allow players to randomly buy items daily from a gump in-game

This Market system will have virtually every item on the shard rotated randomly

Use the [market command to open the gump

You will see several items on the display, that are only available to you, at a random price. You must determine if it is a "good deal" or not. The items change daily and are available for 24 hours for you to buy.

The items that are for sale are random for each player, what player A can buy is different then what player B can buy. Even if both items were the same the price could be different as well

This system will encourage players to log in and open the gump daily. Players will then have a chance to buy/sell items and compare gumps, which drives communication and trading between players

Market Slots

Players start with market 2 slots that appear in your personal gump

You can get more market slots, up to a max of 8 slots

You can get more slots by buying them on the market gump 200,225,250,300 ed...

Each day, based on the number of market slots you have available, you will see more items, randomly selected and available for you to buy at that price for the day.

Secret Markets

This system will also be used for Secret Vendor stones in the future, I have some ideas how to expand this to make a bit fun to find secret places

Market Jackpot

Each purchase made will add a portion of Evolution Dollars into a Jackpot, at the end of the day one of the purchasers will win the jackpot! All this info will be displayed in the main gump

Market Economy

This Market System should solve one of the shard's most complicated issues regarding the distribution of rare items to all the players fairly. This system will also help stimulate the economy and trade between players

Market Currency

Initially the market has been set up with Evolution Dollars and Market Dollars, but has been coded to add other types of currencies for future expansion

Market Dollars

Market Dollars are bonus currency obtained when donating. They are similar to Evolution Dollars, but can only be spent in the Market System, using the command [market

Players can still buy, sell or trade Market Dollars between players and the MD's have the same value as ED

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