Bulk Order Deed Box

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Bulk Order Deed Box

The special Bulk Order Deed Box is a container that you can drop bulk order deeds into and upgrade the material type and the order type

There are 12 variations of the box, there are 4 types of materials and 3 levels of stature

The box material determines:

  • Bods Allowed - determines how many bods can be upgraded per use
  • Days Required - determines how much time it takes to convert the bod
  • Uses Remaining - shows how many charges the box has remaining

The bulk order box generally has a random amount of charges, the donation version is unlimited

Box Material

The boxes come in the following 4 material types, copper being the weakest and gold being the strongest:

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Box Stature

The box stature determines:

  • The type of the bod
  • Amount of the bod
  • The range is 1-3
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